Something more radical: loudspeaker correction”

DEQX PreMate+ Processor
The audible improvements are more pronounced than switching up cables, server/streamer, DAC or amplifier.… …read more DIGITAL AUDIO REVIEW

“No use fixing the room if you can’t fix the speaker”

DEQX PreMate+ Processor
The DEQX PreMATE+ has proven itself as capable of two distinct things: 1).… …read moreDIGITAL AUDIO REVIEW

“An all-out assault on digital playback”

DEQX PreMate Processor
PreMate provide one of the most involving Rock presentations the Wilson Audio Alexia had ever delivered. This was both heard and felt. …read more EDGAR KRAMER, 6MOONS

“The HDP-4 exceeded my expectations”

DEQX HDP-4 Pre-amplifier / Processor
The quality and natural detail were a joy to experience. The soundstage became larger and grew beyond the room boundaries…the DEQX HDP-4 showed itself to be a superb sounding preamp for both analogue and digital sources. …read more AUDIOPHILIA

We feel there are only advantages”

An Interview with Alan Langford of DEQX
I see this concept expanding in the low to mid-fi markets at a steadily increasing rate with less complex and budget solutions. In the high-end it will be a more bespoke solution provided at the speaker manufacturing level where solutions may be targeted at singular products and situations. …read more LAURENCE BORDEN, DAGOGO.COM

“I was not prepared for what I heard”

DEQX XS-1 USB Audio Option Board
My immediate impression was how more lifelike the sound was. The soundstage, which was already large and impressive, seemed to expand even further. Gains were made in transparency and three-dimensionality. The specificity of images, while already excellent showed further gains. Whether listening to Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra, Diane Krall or Holly Cole, inner textures and sonic cues that give a live quality to the presentation had become abundantly clear.

The same was true of instruments, whether Miles or Dizzy, their horns were so palpable and alive. Another benefit provided by the card was how well it unraveled musical complexities. Because of the increase in separation, complex musical passages became more understandable and individual voices in choral groups could be heard. Dynamics, again already excellent, also benefitted from the new card. There seemed to be a little more explosiveness to the presentation, more drive available than before. …read more MARTIN APPEL, AUDIOPHILIA

“You really owe it to yourself”Have the cake and eat it too

If you have been lucky enough to hear the DEQX demonstration at various audio shows, well, you will understand what their line of products are all about. At various audio shows the gents at DEQX would have a pair of typical PA horn-like speakers sitting in the corners of the room (you know the ones you see at a discount store or circus) playing whatever you wanted to hear…with the Mate on Bypass…

When they switched to one of the options that was calibrated to ‘fix’ or ‘correct’ for the horn’s deficiencies…[and suddenly] warmth, extension, presence, soundstage, coherency, and so on…all the audio-speak things we audio-speak guys are looking for—except they are still horns possessing that horn-like honk. So the Mate is not going to make anyone toss their audiophile speakers for crappy horns. But if it can do that with such a compromised—and yet made to do what they are supposed to do and do it right—design what would the DEQX Mate do with a real speaker designed for music? Well the demo does that too, with say a pair of Gallos, and even then the speakers are transformed into something differently better. Different in terms of the same things one experienced in the PA horns though not to such an extreme, but now in way that makes one want to listen to music while mulling over the idea of what the DEQX could do with their speakers and room.

The DEQX Mate ($4495) is a sort of „simpler“ DEQX HDP-4 or the HDP-4 Express in that it has no digital inputs or outputs… no, with the Mate it is all analog in and analog out.

The Mate does do what the other two do in that it corrects for ….“the distortion that all speakers make—electro-mechanical devices that they are—and offer room compensation as an added extra. While righting frequency-response errors as other units do, they also uniquely correct critical timing errors by adjusting thousands of frequency groups so that they arrive on time…You really owe it to yourself to hear the DEQX Mate, or the other DEQX

products, for yourself. Only then you will realize that it is so hard to go back to what we once believed to be reality. …read more DAVE CLARK, EDITOR, POSITIVE FEEDBACK ONLINE

“I went. I listened. I was amazed.”

DEQX Mate Processor at RMAF 2012
DEQX wins a coveted RMAF Positive Feedback Online Audio Oasis Award. “I admit it: I was very impressed by the demos in the DEQX room, and I wasn’t sure that I would be. But their challenge to hear the difference that DEQX would make to a pair of honky PA horns (the white beasties above) was intriguing. Bel Canto furnished the front-end and amplification of the system. I went. I listened. I was amazed. What can I say? DEQX is real. The difference that their processors make in the quality of audio playback in a given room space is no illusion, and could make a very significant improvement in many listening rooms. So DEQX gets a PFO Audio Oasis Award, easily. …read more DAVE ROBINSON, EDITOR, POSITIVE FEEDBACK ONLINE

“Jaw-dropping demo”

DEQX Mate Processor at RMAF 2012
The most jaw-dropping demo of the show was of the new DEQX Mate speaker and room correction unit. It time aligns not simply the speaker drivers, but the frequencies within each driver. Before correction the Gallo Reference 3.5s ($5995/pair) sounded about like you would expect a speaker to sound like in a hotel room. After both speaker and room correction, the soundstage deepened and the imaging snapped into place. It sounded like a completely different (and more expensive) speaker. …read more FRANK BERRYMAN, ULTRA HIGH-END AUDIO and HOME THEATER REVIEW

“The best thing to come down the pike in a long time…”

As the designer…switched from the passive factory crossover to the active DEQX crossover, I was amazed. …read more KALMAN RUBINSON, STEREOPHILE

“Well-defined soundstage with remarkable accuracy, unmistakable depth and dimension”

In Home Theater Magazine, reviewer Chris Lewis gives the DEQX Calibrated™ NHT Xd loudspeaker system an overall rating of 95 and says: “My eyes saw small, unobtrusive, and rather pleasing-looking satellites and relatively compact subs. But my ears heard a full, well-defined soundstage with remarkable accuracy and unmistakable depth and dimension.” CHRIS LEWIS, HOME THEATER MAGAZINE